Beware-40 Million Users Need To Delete This Malicious Video App From Their Phone

Another week, another article into duplicitous and unsafe applications tricking their way to the Play Store of Google, luring tens of millions of unwitting customers , creating lucrative profits for their operators. There is a surprise this time, though. The Malicious Video App is known as SnapTube. The app promises to help users to quickly download videos from YouTube and Facebook.

Android users should delete this malicious video app now, experts warn!

The 40 million users who downloaded the App might end up charging a high price according to report from UpStream. The fraudulent app was free to use. But tech analysts say that it can secretly sign up users for premium paying services without realizing them. This is known as a ‘fleeceware’ scam, because the program is not actually malware, but it will fleece you out of money.

Android scams like this depend on the fact that the Google Play Store will require users to make regular credit or debit card payments linked to the account.

Users of Android apps are usually able to manually cancel the trial period to avoid the full subscription fee. However, because they aren’t involved, majority of consumers just uninstall an app – or choose to stop switching to a subscription.

If you have installed SnapTube to download a video easily, maybe you have removed the application and forgotten about it. You could have inadvertently signed up to a developer paid plan. Estimates suggest that SnapTube has earned around $100 million from unsuspecting users already.

Mobiuspace – the company behind SnapTube, said they were unaware of the problem and rejected any of the connection. Google pulled SnapTube from the Play Store, but it will not delete the app from those that have downloaded it already.

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