Blackpink Controversy: Indian Fans Criticize Lisa For Disrespecting lord Ganesha on her new track

A recent music video ( How You Like That ) of BLACKPINK has been angering some fans in India at the moment. If you’ve watched it, you might have noticed on particular scenes that shows to lisa’s left there’s a statue of hindu god, Lord Ganesha. Putting lord Ganesha on the ground and beside her throne is extremely disrespectful towards Hinduism. Indian fans criticize Lisa for disrespecting lord Ganesha on social media.

Below is the screenshot from the music video that has been causing the controversy among netizens in India.

Indian Fans Criticize Lisa For Using Holy Objects For Aesthetic Purposes.

Lalisa Manoban, best known as Lisa, is a South Korean-based Thai rapper, singer and dancer who is part of the South Korean girl group Blackpink under YG Entertainment. Today Blackpink launched an all-new track, ‘How You Like That’. Now a particular scene from the video causing the controversy among netizens in India.

And below are what the fans have been saying.

K-Pop Group Is Being Accused Of Appropriating Indian Culture.

It isn’t the first time that K-pop group have ever insulted Indian culture, with numerous reality shows and idol groups indulging in derogatory jokes. When Indian protested this as insensitive, it not only prompted non-desi K-Pop fans to respond with racial language but also led some desi fans to call them “sensitive ” and to apologise “on behalf” of the desi group itself.

And what differentiates all these incidents from one another? Were they all pure manifestations of being too sensitive and restricting freedom of expression and imagination? Or is there a more complex structure of oppression and power that is not immediately evident?

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