Galwan Valley: China to train forces in martial art after clash with India

Tensions over the LAC between India and China have intensified after violent confrontations in East Ladakh’s Galwan Valley. China does not seem able to embrace the talk. A war-like situation has occurred at the border according to media sources. At several fronts at the border the armies of the two nations confront each other. Now China to train forces in martial art after border clash with India.

Why China to train forces in martial arts?

There are 20 martial arts trainers being sent to Tibet according to a BBC report. Martial arts, especially, are an ancient style of martial arts. It is commonly used in self-defence. Soldier from both countries do not use weapons on Sarshad under an understanding signed between India and China in 1996. Other shelling is not allowed, either. It is said that China should be able to use martial arts on the LAC. Twenty coaches from the Inbo Fighter Club will be sent to Tibet to teach martial arts according to China’s CCTV. However, Chinese military has not released any official comment.

A few days earlier, a deadly battle in the Galvan Valley killed 20 Indian troops. China and India-both nuclear powers-exchanged blame on 15 June for fighting in Ladakhon’s Galwan River Valley. The region is near Aksai Chin, a territory claimed by India but dominated by China, with its harsh climate and high-altitude landscape. In fact , China is stubborn in its focus on a variety of border regions. India has repeatedly refuted its misrepresentations. No data have so far been published. Numerous rounds of talks with China have been held in Beijing and Ladakh. India said that its former position would be retained by China.

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