How face masks became a fashion trend amid COVID-19 outbreak

Fashion has always drawn inspiration from what’s happening on the planet and in 2020 this is no different. Even before the coronavirus outbreak, fashion designers had already included a new accessory in their collections: the face mask. Many brand have launched various collection of face masks.

They does not provide protection against the Coronavirus .That has not put off purchasers.

All over social media, many blogger have turned the COVID-19 outbreak into a makeup challenge. They are sharing tutorials on creating special looks to match face masks.The majority of them focus on eye makeup, as masks cover up the lower half of the face.

Wearing a mask is not a common thing to do in many countries, in fact, they may be associated with serious illness, doctors and hospitals. Amid concern over covid-19 outbreak across the world, you can see people wearing masks everywhere. You will see it on the street or right next to you on the train or bus.

People sharing photos of themselves and expressed concern about the fast-spreading virus.

However doctors are telling healthy people not to wear face masks.The use of mask should be reserved for health workers. Also for patients who are showing symptoms of the virus.The best defence against contracting the virus is to wash your hand with sanitizer .

This has not stopped some companies and sellers trying to capitalise on panic gripping the public over Coronavirus. 

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