Mitron Vs TikTok: Why Mitron App Is Riding High In Downloads?

Google play store has a number of short video making apps in addition to TikTok. But of all these apps, Tiktok is very popular among youth generation. Now another app has been added to the world of video making. Right now Mitron Vs TikTok is a new trend in India. The app, called ‘Mitron’ seems to be getting very popular in India. The app appears to be made in India. This app was created a month ago by a student named Shivank Agarwal from IIT Roorkee. This app has been downloaded more than 5 million in Play Store. The app is now on the top chart in the Google Play Store.

Mitron Vs TikTok

TikTok on the other hand, has caused a great deal of controversy in recent weeks. Social media users also targeting TikTok creator for their cringe content. As a result, people like Mitron very much.

According to the Play Store, Mitron is a free short video making app. This app is made for those who are passionate about making creative videos. In this app you can edit, design and share videos as you wish. Users can also create their own videos by searching the library. The interface of this app has a lot in common with the TikTok app. Also the profile page of any user in this app is like the TikTok app page.

If a user has to make a video, he / she has to create his / her profile by registering in this app like any other app. You will need to provide your user ID and password. You can also go to the homepage like a TikTok and watch other videos. User can publish and record the video by clicking its red button to make the video. User can also like, comment and share these videos.

The last few days have been full of controversy over tickets. As a result, people have given it a very bad rating. Now its rating in PlayStore has dropped a lot. So it is also said to be the result of TikTok Vs YouTube video by carryminati. So in the coming days, the Mitrons app is expected to overtake the TikTot.

However On the technological front, the app doesn’t seem to possess good name as well. A cursory reading of many of the feedback / reviews does not provide a actual performance of the app. The app is said to be ‘bug-infested’ and its API also has too many problems.

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