Saina Nehwal slams Badminton World Federation

India’s star badminton player Saina Nehwal has made serious allegations against the organizers of the All England Tournament.

Despite the fatalities of Covid-19, the All England tournament continued for financial reasons and the organizers compromised on the safety of the players here. Sports administrators accused of compromising players’ health to continue the championship. Saina said the organizers prioritized financial gain over the safety of the players.

Saina responded to a tweet by Denmark player Mads Conrad Peterson regarding the All England Open on Twitter.On the other hand, if the whole world closes in fear of corona .. I am scared of playing the All England Tournament under normal circumstances. Mads tweeted that I should be feeling sick for 14 days.

In the wake of coronavirus concerns around the world, major sporting events postponed or cancelled . She did not understand how the tournament went on at that time.

Saina tweeted , “The only thing I can think of is that the financial interests were given more importance than the safety and feelings of the players.” Apart from this, there was no other reason to continue the All England Open 2020 last week. ”

He said there was a lot of pressure on the players for the All England Open . The practice has to continue. But due to the COVID 19 outbreak ,Govt placed restrictions on travel abroad. Problems increase because of restrictions in the airport.He did not understand how the tournament went on at that time.

Many have expressed their resentment over the recently concluded All England World Badminton Federation. The World Badminton Federation had banned all its competitions.

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