See how netizens reacted to HUL’s decision to knock off ‘Fair’ from Fair & Lovely

Hindustan Unilever has decided to remove the word ‘Fair’ from Fair & Lovely product line. But Twitter isn’t fully sure that this decision is anything than a superficial change. Particularly since the brand has perpetuated colourism and ideal standards of beauty among women in South Asian countries for years. The step came days after the online website ‘’ dropped the skin tone filter after witnessing users outrage in the wake of the ongoing campaign of Black Lives Matter that has engulfed much of the world.

The firm will also remove ‘whitening’ and ‘lightening’ from its packaging, in addition to the term ‘fair.’ The brand ‘s move has spread joy to netizens, and many support the re-branding. However, many questioned how dropping the word would alter the product ‘s purpose, which is in essence a cream of fairness.

HUL drops ‘Fair’ from Fair & Lovely Brand Name

After releasing this statement, Twitter could not take it sitting down.

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