See how twitterati reacts to Kim Jong Un’s first public appearance

For the last three weeks, the health of North Korea’s Supreme Leader has been a matter of considerable concern for people around the world. Also Kim Jong un’s conspicuous absence from the celebrations of April 15 for his grandfather’s birthday, fuelled feverish debate about him.

Finally North Korean leader Kim Jong un resurfaced and made his first public appearance following an absence of 20 days.

Today, North Korean state media (KCNA) reported that kim “celebrated the construction of a fertiliser factory near Pyongyang, the capital of the hermit country.

After the ribbon cutting photos hit the microblogging platform, Twitterati who had bid farewell to the nuclear-armed nation’s chief with grim memes earlier was left in shock. There were tons of memes there, again. So look at a few memes that have surfaced here on the internet.

Social Media wasn’t amused with Kim Jong Un’s return!

Social media explodes following reports of Kim return. Netizens also trended ‘KimJongUnback’ hashtag with their memes.

Some social media users take it to another level…..

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