Top health benefits of Cardamom & its side effects you should be aware of

Many people are aware of the medicinal qualities of cardamom. Ayurveda also mentions the health benefits of cardamom. It is not just used to enhance the taste of food, but gives aromatic flavor. Its culinary delights and powers of healing have won it the nickname “Queen of Spices.”

Although cardamom is used as a spice in various Indian cuisines, cardamom has many healing properties. Know those top health benefits of Cardamom.

Top health benefits Of Cardamom

Act As Antioxidants

Cardamom contains antioxidants. Many of the cardamom’s vitamins, nutrients, and essential oils serve as antioxidants, cleaning up free-radicals and preventing cell ageing. It will reduce the levels of blood sugar and cholesterol, increase blood pressure and boost general health.

Digestive Aid

Cardamom is well known as a effective digestive aid in ayurvedic, considered particularly useful for preventing bloating and gastric.

Prevent Cold and Flu

The spice used as a remedy for colds and flu. Eating cardamom mixed with honey can reduce the incidence of cold and cough.

Detoxify the blood

Regular consumption of cardamom keeps the blood circulation in the body normal. This seasoning lets the kidney expel waste from the body. This benefit is ideal for those who wish to get rid of their body’s toxins and chemicals to accelerate weight and fat loss.

Used for Glowing Skin

Green cardamom is very effective when it comes to improving skin glow. Cardamom, high in vitamin C, serves as a perfect ingredient to sooth the skin. The seed oil has excellent healing benefits and is good for our skin. It also prevents wrinkles.

Used As Freshener

Cardamom is chewed by Indian communities to freshen their breath. It also has the added benefit of counteracting unhealthy bacteria in the mouth. So put two or three cardamoms in the mouth to avoid bad breath.

Other Benefits

  • Regular consumption of cardamom can reduce the chances of cancer
  • Cardamom is also useful for ulcers, cuts and even depression
  • Also it works as an infallible medicine for mouth sores and gum wounds

Side Effects

  • Wrong intake of cardamom can also cause rashes on the skin
  • Cardamom, in particular when ingested in larger amounts, can in some cases cause miscarriage
  • May be leads to allergies

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