Top Popular 5 CamScanner Alternative Apps In India

Top 5 CamScanner alternative apps in India you can download on your smartphone.

CamScanner is a good app for scanning documents, but after the government order it was blocked in India along with 58 other applications from Chinese firms.

Chinese company INTSIG Information Co. , Ltd. is developing and maintaining camscanner and showing the developer address as Milpitas, which is in California (USA), but its a Chinese company.

There is a high probability that data collected in camscanner will be collected on a Chinese server that can be used against Indian companies and people through any malpractice.

Here are some of the better doc scanning options you can find. Many also deliver elegant features that even CamScanner did not like the option to delete watermarks. So

Top 5 CamScanner alternative apps:

1. Google Drive

Many users use or have Google drive on their phones without even knowing that the software will search documents. Although Drive is low in features unlike the other alternatives, for anyone who is searching for a basic scanner app without all the high-end apps, it’s the go-to app. But you get convergence with Google, so you can be assured that your records are readily available from anywhere.

2. Adobe Scan

Adobe has a suite of applications targeted at professionals and one of them is the Adobe Scan app. The app, which is available on both Android and iOS, packs in a multitude of apps. It’s a free and secure tool that allows users to search everything from records to receipts or even images. The app also helps users to make changes to the text being scanned.

3. Scanbot

In terms of the functionality that it provides, Scanbot is practically on par with CamScanner. The software can search and automatically identify and crop edges of all forms of papers. Multi-page scanning and OCR Text Recognition are also available. The identification of the text also helps users to scan for records containing the contents inside.

4. Notebloc

Notebloc comes with the option of either select photos inside the device or loading them from the gallery of the computer. It also gets a scan mode by batch. Unlike Adobe Search, however, the croping has to be performed manually. Various filters can be added to the scanned text like images, files, and notebloc. There is a different style in black and white, too. The software also uses OCR for typed texts.

5. Kaagaz Scanner

Kaagaz Scanner is made by IIT graduates student in India. The advantages of Kaagaz App over other Data Scanning Apps are pursued as completely Safe to use and no watermarking on downloaded images. Also no needed to sign in and no Ads.

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So these were some best alternatives of CamScanner for both Android and iOS. All of the above listed applications are free to download and ad-free. My preference is Adobe Scan, above all, with the features it provides. So what’s your option, anyway? In the comments below let us know. Keep tuned for more posts such as this.

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