Twitter launches fleets feature in India, here’s everything you need to know

For its Indian users, Twitter today released its much awaited Fleets features. This new update will allow users of the micro-blogging platform to post a message, photographs and even videos that will only be accessible for 24 hours on their profile. These tweets will not be subject to Likes, Retweets, or public replies. According to the service, the latest feature is to allow more users to publicly share their thoughts as the Fleets shared by can only be seen in a closed space or more specifically people who follow you just as on Instagram.

As already mentioned, the feature is currently being tested and is available only for Android and iOS users. Yeah, if you want to try to find out how to get going with this latest features, here’s our step-by – step tutorial on how to get this function to start using it.

Twitter fleets feature:

How to get the feature Fleets-

You will need to update your Twitter app through your respective app stores to see the Fleets feature. Steps to create a new fleet for you.

 Steps for the creation of a new fleet:

  1. Open your Twitter page on your smartphone.
  2. Scroll up and tap the avatar in the top left corner of your profile just like you do for Instagram Stories.
  3. A new page with the message “Share a brief thought …” will appear, type the thought or idea you want to share with your followers or friends here.
  4. Note, pictures and gifs can also be added to your Fleet post.
  5. To post it click the Fleet button.

Steps to show fleets of others-

  1. Scroll up and tap on a page person’s avatar to see their new Fleets in the Twitter app.
  2. Swipe down from the same account to scroll through other Feet.
  3. Swipe right or left to show Fleets from other accounts that you are following

Steps to remove a posted Fleet-

  1. Tap the Avatar and swipe to see the old fleets.
  2. Tap ‘…’ after Text from the Fleet.
  3. Select delete Fleet options from menu bar

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